WHU Controlling Network

Our aim at the IMC is to accompany the transformation of the finance function as well as the development of the profession of controller to establish an active partnership with management. For this reason, the Institute works closely with partners in business. Our extensive network offers various options for contacting us and establishing a basis for a possible collaboration. WHU on Controlling Premium gives you a unique opportunity to get in touch and benefit from the various resources we have to offer.

Find out more about our extensive business network and how you can join the community!

Getting involved

  • The WHU Controller Panel was established in 2007 and now has around 1000 members.
  • Our annual conference WHU Campus for Controlling gives practitioners the opportunity to discuss the latest trends in controlling.
  • We invite researchers and practitioners to contribute to the leading and most cited German-language journal on the subject of controlling, the WHU Controlling & Management Review.
  • As a member of the WHU on Controlling Premium you will receive customized information on controlling topics and are also able to contact us directly.