WHU on Controlling Premium: The Benefits

As a member of the WHU on Controlling Premium, you will be able to access our tailored information on controlling topics. You will have the opportunity to contact us directly and also receive regular updates on the latest trends and developments in the field of controlling.

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Your benefits:

Since 2007, we have carried out a number of studies with the WHU Controller Panel that empirically explore all aspects of controlling. Our "Controlling - Trends & Benchmarks " gives you access to key facts and figures in summarized form and provides an unparalleled insight into topics ranging from the image and role of controllers and their routine activities, through to salary and the effect of good performance on earnings.

Our "Panel Essentials" summarize the findings of our recent studies. Whereas the "Controlling - Trends & Benchmarks" provide a longitudinal perspective and are published every three years, the "Panel Essentials" are produced after every study, usually three times a year. Current topics are, for example, the role of the controller, controller salaries, and investment controlling.

Nowadays, case studies are gold standard in management education. They portray complex, real-life decision-making situations in organizations and are useful for gaining a better understanding of the responsibilities of decision-makers. Furthermore, case studies allow you to critically examine and apply key concepts, methods, and techniques of managerial problem-solving. As a member of WHU on Controlling Premium, you have access to our quality-tested cases for use in training and further education.

In addition, you will receive a significant discount when registering to take part in the WHU Campus for Controlling, our annual conference for controllers and managers from corporate practice.

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