WHU Controller Panel

Benchmarks for controlling practitioners

The WHU Controller Panel was launched in 2007 as a joint initiative of the IMC with the International Controller Association ( ICV ) to derive benchmarks and identify best practices in the field of controlling. Regular surveys on specific longitudinal research topics enable us to make statements on the development of controlling in the D-A-CH countries. The studies examine current controlling trends in detail. Membership is free of charge.

Our objective

The IMC established the WHU Controller Panel to pursue the following objectives:

  • To derive benchmarks and best practice recommendations
  • To identify long-term trends in core areas of controlling activity
  • To carry out in-depth research and penetrating analysis of current issues of interest
  • To foster a mutually beneficial exchange between research and corporate practice.
  • To support the further development of the controlling community.

Our activities

To meet these objectives, we carry out regular panel surveys in which we track benchmarks for all relevant core areas of controlling activity. We also spotlight specific topics where we examine issues that are of particular current interest. All members receive exclusive access to a comprehensive study report. In addition, you will receive our „Controlling – Trends & Benchmarks“ which gives all key facts and figures in compact form.

Our members

The WHU Controller Panel is largely made up of senior managers from the field of controlling. To date the Panel has around one thousand members from a range of different sectors and company sizes who take part in our surveys on current trends in controlling.

Become a member free of charge and you will be eligible to take part in our studies and receive access to our comprehensive study reports.

Joining the WHU Controller Panel

By joining the WHU Controller Panel you will enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Information on current issues in the field of management accounting and control – you won't miss any new trends
  • Being aware of developments in controlling – you gain options to act
  • Discounted registration fee for the annual WHU Campus for Controlling

The WHU Controller Panel is directed at controllers working in businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

We target specific groups and work closely with the International Controller Association (ICV) to achieve a representative member structure with regard to diversity of business sector and size range.

To date the Panel has around 1,000 members, approximately half of whom are also members of the ICV.

We invite Panel members to take part in three to four surveys per year. Participation is on a voluntary basis. We limit our surveys to relevant questions and use internet-based surveys to ensure that your time and resource expenditure is kept to a minimum.

  • We will invite you to take part in each survey by email, thus ensuring that you don't miss any of our studies.
  • Answering each survey should take no longer than approximately 15 minutes.

You can register to join the WHU Controller Panel free of charge.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply send us an informal note or email.

We will, of course, treat your information in the strictest confidence. Your responses are anonymous and cannot be accessed by other respondents.


Email: whu-controllerpanel(at)whu.edu

Tel.: +49-(0)261-6509-701